Peanut Butter Production Line Working Process

The whole peanut butter product line includes peanut shelling machine,peanut roasting machine,peanut skin peeling machine,peanut butter grinding machine,peanut butter filling machine and other peanut butter processing machine.

Peanut butter production line working process:
Peanut Sheller-- Roaster -- Peeler -- Grinder -- Filling

This is our factory about peanut butter production line working video,this production line can make salt peanut butter,sugar peanut butter,particle peanut butter,smooth peanut butter and other type peanut butter. If you want to know more about this peanut butter production line please visit our website: http://www.machineprices.com/butter-machine/small-peanut-butter-production-line.html
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Dry Peanut Skin Peeling Machine Working Video

This dry peanut skin peeling machine is a professional equipment to remove the peanut red skin,the machine has the advantages of high peeling rate.
This is our peanut peeling machine working video, Working Principle of Dry Peanut Skin Peeling Machine:
When working, power through a belt and a chain of two rubber roller rotation. There is a hopper on the top of the rubber roller. When working, the peanuts are put into the hopper, and the peanuts are fed into the two rubber rollers through the vibration of the feeding channel. The two rubber rollers are extruded and rubbed to achieve the purpose of peeling. The peeled peanuts outflow from the outlet. The design structure is reasonable, the work is safe and reliable, and the productivity is up to 200kg/h, 400kg/h, 600kg/h.
Dry Peanut Skin Peeling Machine
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Dry Peanut Skin Peeling Machine Working Video

This is our factory about dry peanut skin peeling machine working video,this machine is mainly used for peeling roasted peanut skin.

This dry way peanut skin peeling machine adopts pneumatic principle, it can remove the red skin of the peanut automatically without any damage. This machine is used to peeling the red skin of peanut and pine nuts and peeling rate is beyond 95%. Before pealing, it require to roast the peanut or heat peanut.  This peanut peeling machine has reliable quality, low breakage rate and excellent performance. Peanuts need to be roasted or dried before being put into the peeling machine. Automatic digital control, the surface of dry peanuts and pine nuts are smooth after peeling without injury.
Dry Peanut Skin Peeling Machine
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I Flew A Long Way From Bangladesh To Be Here...

Customer from Bangladesh
We finally have met our clients when they went out of Sofitel five-star hotel.They said they flew a long way from Bangladesh to be here for talking about the production line and visiting our company.Of course our office room is a place melt of culture, business and emotion.

Water completely defines Bangladesh.With the exception of the relatively dry western region of Rajshahi, where the annual rainfall is about 1600 mm, most parts of the country receive at least 2000 mm of rainfall per year.

The share of the population with access to an improved water source was estimated at 98% in 2004,a very high level for a low-income country. This has been achieved to a large extent through the construction of handpumps with the support of external donors. However, in 1993 it was discovered that groundwater, the source of drinking water for 97% of the rural population and a significant share of the urban population, is in many cases naturally contaminated with arsenic.

Another challenge is the low level of cost recovery due to low tariffs and poor economic efficiency, especially in urban areas where revenues from water sales do not even cover operating costs.

We have talked about not only business, but also country culture and food culture.Yea, Chinese history is great, and Chinese food is Awesome. Let's enjoy our lunch.


Gelgoog On Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment has become one of the most important business recruitment practices have been more and more enterprises attention.The things that this generation is asking for -- flexibility, balance, opportunities -- are all things that previous generations wanted.

Campus recruitment refers to any effort made by prospective employers to recruit students from their college campuses, usually prior to graduation. Employers use campus recruitment to attract and screen students for a variety of different positions, both as interns and as full-time employees. In some cases, recruitment takes the form of small events sponsored by one or a few industry representatives. In other cases, the school and industry collaborate to arrange campus-wide job fairs that attract many potential employers. Businesses are typically the most active recruiters, but the government, graduate schools, and non-profit organizations also engage in campus recruiting.

Every campus recruiting center has rules requiring every company that recruits on campus to give students a reasonable amount of time to make a decision and consider other offers.

Today, we Gelgoog participate in university recruitment,with sincerity and hope.Students may well undergo the entire interview and hiring process before receiving their diplomas, particularly in years where the demand for new graduates outpaces supply, and fortunate students will even have job offers before graduation.

Here, we want to give some suggestions that students are supposed to focus on the job openings posted on companies’ websites, as part of their campus recruitment drives.


Which Mooncake Are You?

A lowdown on the classic mooncakes and some of the stranger ones this year.

It's Mid-autumn Festival again;feeling bewildered by the choice you have when you want to buy a nice box of moon cakes? Here is an all-round explanation of the most common moon cakes we can find on the market, to help you make your choice.

Cantonese Moon Cakes

Cantonese moon cakes are the most popular genre in China. You can tell by their thin,smooth skins that re molded into complicated patterns, and their greasiness to the touch. It is said that in 1889, saw the first Cantonese restaurant that made moon cakes,stuffed the cakes with lotus seed paste(莲蓉),and until this day,the lotus seed paste filling remains the most classic choice. Even though this moon cake ends up being very fatty,it is still the best sold kind in China.

Other popular fillings include bean paste(豆沙),nuts(五仁),barbecued pork(叉烧),and shredded coconut(椰丝).

Su Moon Cakes

The Su moon cakes are common in Southern China,especially in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces. Compared with the Cantonese mooncakes,they look far less greasy,although are not as delicately made. They are shaped into little buns,and the skin is usually white or golden at the top. Su mooncakes mainly fall into two simple categories: The sweet and the salty. The sweet ones are usually stuffed with roses,osmanthus flowers,sesame,walnuts and sunflower seeds;the salty ones' fillings are usually made with ham,pork,shrimps and pork fat.

Yunan Moon Cakes

The Yunnan moon cake is also called "Yunan ham moon cake". Compared with other mooncakes it has a unique,ethnic flavor,and is especially popular in Yunan and Guizhou provinces. The most authentic Yunan moon cakes' fillings have to be made from Xuanwei ham,a local specialty,which is blended with honey,pork oil,and sugar. Unlike other moon cakes,its skin is hard.

As Kunming,the capital of Yunan province is famed as "the city of flowers", another kind of delicious Yunan moon cakes are flower cakes,which use roses and honey as fillings.

Beijing Moon Cakes

Legend has it that in very ancient times Beijing had a plague. Chang'e,the fairy on the moon,designated her rabbit,whose position was to grind medicine for her,to descend on the earth to cure people of the disease. The rabbit turned into a man,and make two kinds of medicine,one was red and the other white. He cured everyone in the entire town and then returned to the moon. To pay honor to the rabbit,Beijingers made two kinds of moon cakes. One is white with but a small flower on the top,called"自来白";the other has a red ring on its skin,called "自来红".The content is usually made from fruits preserved in sugar,osmanthus flowers,and sesame oil.

New Trends in Moon Cakes

The new inventions in moon cakes in recent years are seemingly never-ending.In recent years,we also find some strange cases,such as Chinese chives mooncake(韭菜月饼)
There is also "Golden Voice" moon cake floating around China.It has also not been made clear what's inside.

Fragrant spicy beef anyone? Comes with a recommendation for more garlic.

Anyway,happy moon festival.Forget the fancy wrapped mooncakes and embrace your indulgent side.


Sugar Production Line After-sales Installation Site in Ibadan, Nigeria

When you first arrive in Nigeria, you will be impressed by the beauty here, it is really amazing!

Ibadan,as the capital city of Oyo State and the third largest metropolitan area, by population, in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano, with a population of over 3 million, is the largest metropolitan geographical area.

With its strategic location on the non-operational railway line connecting Lagos to Kano, the city is a major center for trade in cassava, cocoa, cotton, timber, rubber, and palm oil.The main industries in the area include the processing of agricultural products; Tobacco processing and Cigarette; flour-milling, leather-working and furniture-making.

There is abundance of clay, kaolin and aquamarine in its environs, and there are several cattle ranches, a dairy farm as well as a commercial abattoir in Ibadan.

IITA Forest

Today in Ibadan, we are happy to meet our customer.With help of our general manager,the cube sugar production line has been perfectly installed.

The Cube Sugar Production Line is a kind of cube sugar machine that can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting, which is mainly applied in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes. The equipment is applied in the briquetting of sugar particles with less than 19% water and 100% sugar. 

Cube Sugar Production Line

Sugar Grinder Machine(LG-250)
Mixer and Spiral Feeding Machine (LG-TSG-1 )
Automatic Cube Sugar Making Machine(LGFT)
Interlocking Machine(LG)
The Infrared Drying Oven(LGMDFH-3 )
Cooler Machine(LGMLQ-1 )
Semi-automatic Vacuum Filling Machine(LG)

Cube Sugar Production Line from Zhengzhou Gelgoog Food Machinery,equipped with pressure overload protection, once overload, stop the machine immediately, is our latest developed into a sealed automatic clearance of sugar forming machines, machine assembly of high precision, good wear resistance, stable and reliable.

China Gelgoog Food Machinery pride ourselves in being our clients’ trusted supplier and partner. For over five years, we have been trying our best to provide the best products and services!